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Super Sailing Yacht Bhavana(84m/275ft)

The aim of this project was to commence a small revolution introducing a nascent change onto the old school ways of building a yatch. Keeping up with the theme for this year’s “Young Design Award” this project has been conceptualized addressing this change and the critical issue of the undisciplined usage of energy, which in turn impacts the ecosystem around us.

For this theme I have been motivated by my primary passions yatch designing, breakthrough technologies and contributing to the upkeep of the biosphere. This project has explored some interesting technologies beginning with, using a Graphene infused carbon fiber for the hull which has major benefits primarily being 50% lighter in weight and stronger than normal carbon fiber. The next technology looked at is Micro Lattice Work for yatch bullheads that in turn reduces the weight but also the usage of metal in build. The third technology is a linear Jet propulsion system which would reduce fuel consumption, increase speed and offer a much silent experience while sailing.

For the superstructure the intention was to offer a design that presented a unique shape with a 360 Degree viewing that would allow the guest to have a wider spectrum of the sea. The lower deck will offer an appended experience, with 360 degree cameras below the hull presenting the guests a Virtual Reality vision on board and helping them have an exceptional oceanic experience of below the hull.

The exterior styling has been designed with a vision of keeping it simple, unique and futuristic. The yachts sails on 3 Dyna Rig system with Solar Panel infused into the sails and mounted Solar Cells on to the edges of majority of the glass frames of the yatch.

This project has been dedicated to a significant influencer in my life and hence is her namesake “Bhavana”, that being said the name also “calls into existence” new generation of yatchs that would contribute to the wellbeing of the biosphere.

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