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Bhushan Powar Design is an award winning  yacht design studio which was set up in early 2019 specializing in exterior styling for yachts, product design, architecture and motorcycle design. Since setting up, our young team and their designs have already found recognition around the world, including features in renowned yacht blogs, online magazines and yacht websites. 


We are proud to be the first luxury yacht design studio in India. With such vast and gorgeous coastlines on either side of our beautiful country, we couldn't help but notice that India lacked a luxury yacht industry. We bring the latest in design and technology inspired and influenced by international standards and are the first to introduce the luxury yacht concept right here at home. Our design studio is based in Goa where the Arabian Sea also directly influences and inspires us and our innovation and creativity. 


At Bhushan Powar Design, our main focus is to create solutions with our clients and users in mind and in accordance with current technology and evolution of design. We strive to achieve a balance of problem solving solutions with environment friendly designs and, of course, opulence and luxury. We also pride ourselves on creating unique designs that are tailored to our clients’ vision without compromise on quality and performance.

Design is a constantly evolving world and not only do we keep up with it but we also design for the future. 

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