Bhushan Powar Designs is a recent start up design team having already recognition for its designs in the yachting industry and also award winning studio.The company was established in the early 2019,specializing in exterior styling for yachts,Product Design,Architecture and Motorcycle design.

We are a young design team where our work has been recognized around the world where some of works have been featured in renowned yachting bloggers pages  ,social media platform and also recently covered by London.Our main focus is to create solutions keeping in mind the users, technology and evolution of design world.We make sure that , what ever the team designs has a balance of problem solving solutions ,environment friendly designs (Due to current scenario) and luxury.

The company works towards achieving details and satisfactory results for our clients.Our horizon further expands in creating unique and one of a kind designs for every client.

Our ideology not only creates designs for the tomorrow but also the future .

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